Winslow Xlarc

Half-Elf Sorcerer (Aberrant)


Winslow hails from Rookwake Falls, a prosperous river city to the North. His parents are Braezelton and Winndemere Xlarc, and has two older siblings, a sister Regena and brother Jerold. The Xlarcs are bred-true half-elf family and have made Rookwake their home for generations. They have made their fortune by founding a very successful, and very boring, textile business.

It was obvious from an early age that Winslow was an odd duck; he had no interest in the family business and would often be struck by strange flights of fancy and off-kilter perspectives. The boy’s natural charm blunted this and kept him from being completely hidden away from polite society. That is, until his powers manifested. This was not completely unknown in the family; Braezelton’s black sheep cousin Vanliere Xlarc was rumored to be a sorcerer. So the Xlarc’s tried to make the best of it, enrolling Winslow in Rookwake’s prestigious Illtraacl Academy of Magics.

Academic life did not sit well with Winslow. Much to his family’s horror he fell in with the worst crowd possible: adventurers. After a drubbing down from his parents, a falling out with the Smiling Razor adventuring party, and a serious misunderstanding with Rookwake’s thieves guild Winslow decided that his fortune lay on the open road. This brought him to Carne.

What Winslow doesn’t know is that thousands of years ago, the then full-blooded elf clan of N’Huthrrn’Xlarc of Dragmire formed a pact with an Aboleth Lord. The clan gained tremendous power before falling under its own corruption and the strengths of the other clans. The aberrant-blooded elves scattered, hid among the surface dwellers, and forgot their ways. There is, however, one surviving cult — The Dark Brotherhood. They would be very interested in getting their hands on a sorcerer.

Winslow Xlarc

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