Alicia Blackthorn

Alicia is a female half-orc inquisitor


Inquisitor sketch   small


Alicia’s birth was the result of a consensual union between her human mother and a male orc. Alicia’s grandparents hid her mother’s pregnancy to avoid a scandal that could have damaged the family’s noble line.

Upon her birth, Alicia was sent to an orphanage where she endured taunts and bullying from the other children. This teasing came to an end when Alicia quickly outgrew the other children in size and strength. Alicia made friends by defending weaker children from bullies and grew to enjoy this protective role. When she reached adulthood, she joined the Inquisition of Caldor.

Alicia’s mother never wanted to abandon her child and continually made secret visits to the orphanage. Alicia’s grandparents still fear what would happen to their family’s reputation should the truth of Alicia’s lineage become publicly known. Alicia’s grandparents refer to Alicia as “the monster.” Alicia suspects that they may have been behind several attempts on her life.

Alicia Blackthorn

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